BUS is a french art director, graphic designer, and director. After graduation in graphic design in 2003 he essentially offered as a freelancer art direction, graphic identities, illustration, editorial design, animation and creative researches. Since, he worked for different clients as Nike, Nike SB, Sixpack, Salomon, WESC, Carhartt, Zoo York, Qhuit, AliasOne, Frenchtrotters, W9, M6, Canal+, Clark Magazine, Spray Magazine, Frank 151, Vogue, Marie Claire, Universal, EMI, Wagram, Dior, Manor or Peugeot.


He was also the co-founder and art director of the web magazine Hell’s Kitchen.

As a director he’s also the co-founder of the duo «Videoclub».


For four years now he never went out without his point-and-shoot camera. Photography became for him a really addictive hobby and he tries to explore this medium by his own way everyday.


End of 2015 he opened his online-shop, where you can discover his artistic universe.